Sunday, August 13, 2017

1st Day of Practice MCHS XC 2017!!!

YEAH!    ...Monday, August 14th is the first day of practice for the 2017 MCHS XC Season:

Meeting at the entrance of the MCHS Track 3:00-5:30

-Are YOU ready to meet your new teammates?
-Are YOU ready for our first workout of the season?
-Are YOU ready for 5 workouts a week (Varsity; we'll be doing a few "extra" workouts on a few Saturdays)?     ...Let's get excited!   ...This season we'll be incorporating a new weight training routine, along with our usual core strengthening and some flexibility/mobility activities, so be ready to get into the best shape of your life :)
-Reminder:   It will be mandatory for EVERYONE  to register sign-up for (MCHS registration code "runmchs!") so please continue to log-in your workouts and miles year-round...

-If your athlete didn't turn-in their Athletic Packet during Orientation, then plan on them going to school early and turning their Athletic Packet in so they have their clearance slip for practice.
-HELP!  ...We'll need 3-4 parents to help us drive (room for 20 passengers total) to the Park for workouts 2-3 times a week, starting this Tuesday and Thursday, next Monday and Tuesday, the following Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, etc...    Sign-up here:

-PARENT REMINDER:  We have a Mandatory Parent Team Meeting this Friday, August 18th, 5:30-6:45 to go over what to expect for the upcoming season and how YOU can help in making this season a success.


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967
Team Facebook Page: MCHS XC 2017!!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tahoe Running Camp Highlights / get ready for MCHS Orientation next week!

...Here are some 2017 TAHOE RUNNING CAMP HIGHLIGHTS (...more to come)

CAMPERS OF THE DAY: Aiden Kneble, Tristan Candelaria, Logan Field, Sage Wuu, Julia McCorquodale, Owen Pugh and Paden Collard


LINK to our MCHS XC 2017!!! Facebook page to check out all the pictures from Joe Civello has posted (this is a closed group, so you'll have to request to join)

2017 SPOONER PR HIGHLIGHTS (23 repeat runners/17 PRs or 74%; that's awesome!!!):

Kruetzfeldt, Scott 23%
Phillip, Partick 18%
Lawson, Ben 16%
Huntsinger, Emma 15%
Swinth, Colton 15%
Kapustska, Pierce 15%
Frankl, Harry 12%
Nguyen, Sara 9%
Huntsinger, Miranda 7%
Ingram, Taylor 5%
Rivas, Sydnie 5%
Marin, Jeffery 3%
Lindemann, Zach 3%
Singleton, Tristan 3%
Smail, Rory 2%
*Buenrostro, Karen 20% (Alumni)
*McCloud, William 54% (last year sprained ankle and had to walk most of the way)

2017 SPOONER RESULTS (12.3 Miles):

Kruetzfeldt, Scott 1:30:45
Swinth, Colton 1:32:31
Marin, Jeffery 1:34:59
Lindemann, Zach 1:35:25
Smail, Rory 1:36:04
Frankl, Harry 1:36:04
Wright, Jacob 1:36:11
Phillip, Partick 1:36:30
Ettedigui, Elihah 1:38:34
McCloud, William 1:39:46
Kapustska, Pierce 1:40:22
Lawson, Ben 1:40:23
Civello, Blake 1:41:04
Drake, Evan 1:41:05
Padilla, Brian 1:41:19
Singleton, Tristan 1:46:28
Smail, Andrew 1:47:16
Pickle, Jack 1:49:01
Alverez, Omar 1:49:02
Armstrong, Aimee 1:49:31
Collard, Payden 1:49:38
Ingram, Taylor 1:49:40
Rivas, Sydnie 1:49:52
Buenrostro, Karen 1:54:31
Morrison, Alex 1:54:32
Mandeville, Chilo 1:58:44
Hirth, Jasmin 1:58:49
Morris, Nicole 2:01:09
Lindemann, Bryce 2:01:10
Field, Logan 2:02:34
Page, Jason 2:02:53
Knebel, Aiden 2:02:58
Swanson, Kaden 2:04:55
Huntsinger, Miranda 2:10:41
Keefer, Marco 2:15:19
Herbstman, Jacob 2:16:10
Civello, Ellie 2:21:13
Wang, Joseph 2:21:14
Edwards, Julie 2:21:22
Altenburg, Matthew 2:21:37
Chinn, Bryce 2:22:25
Huntsinger, Emma 2:24:46
McCorquodale, Julia 2:26:05
Hickerson, Cameron 2:26:13
Joerger, Haley 2:26:35
Candelaria, Tristan 2:26:36
Raymond, Lily 2:26:37
McCorquodale, Adam 2:27:19
Hirth, Kyle 2:27:22
Smith, Cameron 2:28:07
Dhiman, Jai 2:30:31
Wu, Kyle 2:37:48
Nied, Savannah 2:39:01
Damon, Avery 2:39:43
Nguyen, Sara 2:39:55



-MCHS Orientation Schedule: 
8 August.  Freshman Orientation.  MCHS Gym.  9 am - 3 pm.    (I need some upper class athletes to help us recruit sign-ups!   -As usual, we need to find more Freshman Girls!!!)
9 August.  Senior Orientation.  MCHS Gym.  9:30 - 10:30 am.
9 August.  Junior Orientation.  MCHS Gym.  11 am - 12 pm.  
9 August.  Sophomore Orientation.  MCHS Gym.  A-K: 1 - 2 pm,      L-Z:  2 - 3 pm.
14 August. First Day of Practice.  3:00-5:00 pm.
15 August.  First Day of School.  8:00 am - 3:05 pm.

REMINDER:  YOU need to turn in your Athletic Packet LINK during orientation, this includes your Sports Physical (needs to be dated June 1st) and you'll need a Clearance Slip (see image below) before you can practice!    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:    YOU can't practice until you have a clearance slip and you can't get a clearance slip until you have your Athletic Packet complete and your Athletic Packet isn't complete if you don't have a Sports Physical, get it?!   -If YOU have not yet scheduled your Sports Physical, you can call and try to schedule an appointment with Ty Affleck of Santa Rosa Sports and Family Medicine (707) 546-9400, tell them you need a Sports Physical ASAP for MCHS XC.    ...Once you have everything together and turn it in to our Athletic Director at Orientation, you'll get a Clearance Slip to either turn-in to Coach Greg.   -If you can't get everything together by Orientation, then you have till the first day of Practice (Monday August 14th):   

...If you have any questions, or need more information about MCHS XC, especially new/incoming Freshmen athletes and parents, please don't hesitate to text/call or E-mail Greg.


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Thursday, July 20, 2017


WAS: Howarth Park at 10AM

CHANGED TO: The Fields House at 9AM (Meghan, Logan, Dad Barry and Mom Lesley) 
4727 Devonshire Place, Santa Rosa, CA 95405 (near where we meet for Park Trail, off of Summerfield)   -
Be ready for a 60-70+ minute run, then all you can eat pancakes when you return!   Runners to bring extra: Juice or Bagels or Donuts or Fresh Fruit

...Hope to see YOU there!


MONDAY, JULY 24:  Tahoe Running Camp Planning meeting 6:00-7:15 at Greg's house: 4525 Ranchette Road, Santa Rosa CA 95409 (get there early to park on our road, but space is limited, so you'll have to park at the Rincon Valley Bible Church, then walk over; no cutting through our neighbor's yard as I posted earlier...)
Bring to our Camp Planning meeting
(a copy of picture of you from Kindergarten)
1) Greg needs to collect a copy of your Kindergarten picture (no originals; I won't be returning them) with your name on the back; if you don't bring one, you won't be eligible for the prizes at camp; OK to bring one to the pancake run on Saturday, or drop off on Greg's porch before our meeting, but please don't make Greg do extra work chasing you down after this meeting!  

2) Be prepared to fill-in your "something unusual and interesting about you" trivia slip
3) Start working on your tent group; remember Greg needs to approve of your tent group, which CANNOT be clics or 100% your BFFs!   ...Mix it up a bit and invite someone new into your group; let's keep camp inclusive; no camper left behind (or alone)! 
-NOTE: on this day, we won't have a 6PM run from Channel; we'll meet 9AM instead

FRIDAY, JULY 28: Tahoe Running Camp begins!
LINK to Tahoe Running Camp Schedule
LINK to What to Bring to Camp
LINK to Zephyr Cove Campground Map (We have Drive-In sites #1-#10)

WEDNESDAY, AUG 2: Returning from Tahoe Running Camp!    ...For those dedicated few that want to join us, we'll meet at Park Trail for a shake-out EZ run at 6PM.    -Parents, please remember to pick-up your camping gear when we return to MCHS; please don't make us unload, then load up again, then take to Greg's and unload again...   All forgotten gear will be donated to Goodwill after 1 week.

THURSDAY, AUG 3: Summer training schedule resumes up till the beginning of MCHS XC Practice:
8/3 Thursday at 6PM: Howarth Park EZ Run
8/5 Saturday at 10AM: Pancake Run at Civello's House (1501 Owl Perch Pl, Santa Rosa, 95409)
8/7 Monday at 6PM: Channel Drive EZ + Richardson Hill Tempo
8/9 Wednesday at 6PM: Park Trail Tempo/Watermelon Run
8/10 Thursday at 6PM: Howarth Park EZ Run
8/12 Saturday at 10AM: Pancake Run from Howarth Park

MONDAY, AUG 14 at 3PM: First day of MCHS XC Practice! (meet at the entrance to the track)

TUESDAY, AUG 15 AT 3:30PM: First day of school for MCHS (XC practice starts 3:30 for the rest of the week)

FRIDAY, AUG 18 AT 5:30-6:30PM: Mandatory Parent team meeting (meeting at MCHS track or classroom TBD) 

SUNDAY, AUG 20 10AM-2PM: Fundraising at Olivers

MONDAY, AUG 21 - FRIDAY, AUG 25:  Regular practice schedule (Monday 3-5PM, rest of the week 3:30-5:30),

PARENTS!!!   SAVE YOUR STUFF!!!  SATURDAY, AUG 26 RUMMAGE SALE 8AM-NOON AT MCHS FRONT PARKING LOT)    -ATHLETES: Run-a-thon location TBD, but we'll need all of you to rotate going to Safeway to solicit donations from 10AM-2PM.


-Coach Greg

Cell: (707) 291-2967
Facebook Team Page: MCHS XC 2017!!!   (I know, it's not "cool" to be on Facebook, but we use this platform to post pictures and for a variety of communication; this is a closed group, so you'll need to request to join...) 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

MCHS XC 2017 Tentative Competition Schedule + Summer Mileage Highlights

LINK 2017 MCHS Tentative Competition Schedule

-Note the Ed Sias Invite on September 9th is the same day as ACT testing
-Note the Clovis Invite on Oct 7th is the same day as SAT testing 

...There are other ACT/SAT test dates available, but if you have already scheduled these dates, please let Coach Greg know!

Reminder for our Rummage Sale at MCHS on August 26th, 8AM - 1PM; save anything you have that might help us raise funds for the team!

...We're 1/2 way through our 12 weeks of Summer Training, here's who is racking up the miles for the first 6 weeks, via (May 29 - July 9) with the same timeframe for comparison (if available) for 2016: May 30 - July 10, in parenthesis for those who have logged in over 100 miles: 

Sara Nguyen 106.8
Zach Lindemann 109 (2016: 219.5)
Logan Field 124.1
Talia Leano 124.72 (2016: 131.74)
Elijah Ettedgui 129.33
Sydnie Rivas 130.38 (2016: 141.6)
Jasmin Hirth 131.58
Ben Lawson 144.6 (2016: 181.76)
Haley Joerger 155.25 (2016: 93.5)
Scott Kruetzfeldt 167.74 (2016: 241.38)
Aimee Armstrong 169.19 (2016: 175.87)
Patrick Phillip 171.1
Nicole Morris 172.91
Pierce Kapustka 182.8
Meghan Field 184.37 (2016: 161.71)
Jack Pickle 242.18
Owen Pugh 242.5 (2016: 220)
Rory Smail 265.76 (2016: 265.45)
Colton Swinth 282.1
Harrison Frankl 316.39 (2016: 233.7)

...Overall, we have more people logging in from 2016 and I believe everyone who is running is putting in good base miles + some decent quality days (I.e. our Monday Richardson Hill Tempo, our Wednesday Tempos and our Saturday Over-distance days...) and I know many athletes have not yet caught up with their logging in, so please do your best to keep logging in your runs and your cross training (swimming, biking) for credit.

...Only 4 weeks until the first day of practice; if you have been training consistently, you had better start to keep up with everyone else!  ;)  

GO PUMAS, it's going to be a great season!

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967
Team Facebook Page: MCHS XC 2017!!!


Thursday, July 13, 2017


Reminder #1) Saturday, 7/15 Park Trail Long Run changed from 10AM to 9AM start (expecting another HOT-HOT day!) be sure to show-up if you have not yet completed the ~9.5 mile time trial in 2hrs 10 minutes.
...For those who have already complete this requirement, come join us for one of the best courses available in the area, or just come to run 6, 7 or 8 miles with us!

Reminder #2) Monday, 7/24 6PM Tahoe Running Camp Planning Meeting at Greg's house!   ...If you're going to camp you must show up!    Exceptions must be cleared by Greg.    ...Show up to pick-up your camp shirt, fill out your "something interesting about you" trivia card and take this opportunity to meet the camp counselors, our cook Tanya Stevens, we'll discuss what supplies you need to bring and you can ask questions/get clarification on our plans...
-Where?   4525 Ranchette Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409    -This meeting should be 6PM-7:30PM, please be sure to get there early, parking will be a challenge!

Next post I'll publish a Camp Roster, our driving plans for Camp, update on summer mileage from and some preliminary information regarding our upcoming Fall 2017 season  (including our tentative competition schedule)

-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Facebook page: MCHS XC 2017!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reminder to sign-up for Tahoe Camp 2017


The 2017 Tahoe Running Camp Roster is limited to the first 75 runners signed up + 15 alumni; currently, we have only 35 runner spots left + 10 alumni spots left.   ...However, with this reminder going out, I'm expecting we'll fill up the remaining spots within the next few weeks!   

-I've been getting numerous inquires from Healdsburg, Roseland Prep, Cloverdale, Sonoma Academy and some RVMS kids.   ...Looking at our 2016 MCHS XC roster, we have 13 girls and 20 boys (33 total) missing from this Camp Roster right now, so if you're not already signed up, YOU better get going!!!    

2017 Tahoe Running Camp

Friday July 28th - Wednesday August 2nd

Zephyr Cove Campground, Lake Tahoe

...Remember, to be signed-up, you need 3 things completed:

1) Turn in your camp fees (check payable to Greg Fogg)
2) Complete your Medical Consent Form
3) Finish one of our two remaining Park Trail 9.1 time trail runs (IMPORTANT: Don't be intimidated by this distance, time requirement is 2 hrs. 10 minutes or less, which is ~14:00 pace; just a bit faster than walking, this is just a "test" to ensure you can complete our Spooner Run at Tahoe Camp)

LINK to Camp Flyer
LINK to Medical Consent Form

40 Runners already have Camp Fees + Medical Consent Form turned in as follows: 

Bryce Chinn
Kyle Hirth
Jasmin Hirth
Ellie Civello
Elijah Ettedgui
Talia Leano
Adam McCorquodale
Julia McCorquodale
Jack Pickle
Owen Pugh
Patrick Philip
Pierce Kapustka
Harrison Frankl
Colton Swinth
Marco Keefer
Rory Smail
Zach Lindemann
Bryce Lindemann
Chilo Mandeville
Meghan Field
Logan Field
Cameron Doll
Joseph Wang
Scott Kruetzfeldt
Megan Kruetzfeldt
Avery Damron
Sara Nguyen
Kyle Wu
Nicole Morris
Will McCloud
Jacob Wright
Cameron Smith
Matthew Altenberg
Savannah Nied
Cameron Hickerson
Andy Kasper
Jacob Herbstman
Taylor Ingram
Cristina Avelar (missing Medical Consent Form)
Aimee Armstrong

5 Alumni signed-up (limited to only 10 more):
Brian Padilla
Jeffrey Marin
Blake Civello
Lily Raymond
Matt Begert-Hellings


-We have 13 Girls missing from our MCHS '16 XC Roster not yet signed up:

Audrey Moessing
Sydnie Rivas
Christina Alberigi-Donaldson
Miranda Huntsinger
Emma Huntsinger
Haley Joerger
Ally Kuehn
Jamie Lu
Faith Murray
Austin Rogers
Katrina Storie
Ciara Storie
Leslie Valdez

-We also have 20 Boys missing from our MCHS '16 XC Roster not yet signed up:

David Abel
Omar Alverez
Tristan Candelaria
Joshua Chang
Edward Deng
Eric DesJardins
Jai Dhiman
Shrey Dhiman
Julian Foster
James Grant
Eugene Joh
Matthew Lana
Ben Lawson
Bernard Omiple
Leon Peralta
James Roh
Tristan Singleton
Ben Turley
Turner Welch
Sam Wong

REMINDERS: Contact Greg if you are able to help drive to camp or back; we need ~28 more seats!    ...Also, remember to keep Monday, July 24 on your calendar for our Camp Planning Meeting, 6-7:30 PM at Greg's house!

-Coach Greg Fogg
(707) 291-2967

Greg's Home Address:
4525 Ranchette Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

...FYI to Parents:  ...I'm just now getting around to depositing camp fees for checks I've received over the past ~2 months based on the list above!

Thursday, May 11, 2017


QUESTION: ...For all MCHS runners interested in Cross Country, what are the 3 keys to a successful Cross Country Season?

ANSWER: 1) June 2) July and 3) August!

...Yup, it's time to start talking about SUMMER TRAINING to get a solid foundation set for the upcoming '17 Fall season! -Attached updated flyer for 2017 6PM Summer Runs STARTING JUNE 1st. 

-Note I've added a 4th day = Saturday 10AM runs!

For those of you somewhat intimidated that Summer Training means you have to live-eat-sleep running, give-up all social activities and run 7 days a week?  ...Not true! -I would be happy if most of our Cross Country roster ran CONSISTENTLY 4 days a week over the entire Summer; don't over-do it, enjoy the summer and enjoy the run!

...Remember, these runs are not mandatory but heck, if your going to run over the summer, you might as well run with OUR GROUP, right?

Also, I will be publishing an entire day-by-day summer training program (incorporating these 4 days for group runs) for those of you that want more details, stay tuned for an 11 week program for 250 miles total (23 miles a week) or 350 miles total (32 miles a week) and another 400+ miles total for those ambitious/over-achievers...

SUMMER RUNS: ...What remains the same:
• Mon-Wed-Thu Runs are still at 6PM
• Group Tempo runs are still on Wednesday’s at Park Trail with WATERMELON ON ICE (Parents, feel free to contribute if you can; contact Greg/let him know you can bring a watermelon or 2; we need 2-3 watermelons for every run!)

SUMMER RUNS: ...What I’ve changed:
• Added Saturday 10AM runs (vs. before we only met on Mon-Wed-Thu at 6PM), including:
-3 days allocated for mandatory Tahoe Running Camp time trials (9.1 mile run Park Trail > Spring Creek > Canyon > Marsh > S. Burma > Richardson > Canyon > Spring Creek > Park Trail)
-4 days allocated for Pancake Runs at Howarth Park (details TBD, contact Greg if you want to help or help at Howarth Park or host at your house one of these days)
• Moved Mondays from Howarth Park to Channel Drive (I would like to use Richardson Hill for either a steady tempo hill day, maybe mix in some hill surges)
• Keeping EZ run on Thursday, but moved location from Park Trail to Howarth Park


Maria Carrillo High School
Cross Country / Track & Field Head Coach
(707) 291-2967

P.S. There are still spots left for Tahoe Running Camp (7/28 - 8/2), but you better sign-up soon as there are still plenty of people I know plan on going, but procrastinating/have not yet turned in their paperwork (Medical Form + paid for Camp Fees), better get on it!    ...Next post, I'll publish the latest Camp Roster   

LINK to Camp Flyer
LINK to Medical Consent Form
LINK to Zephyr Cove Campground Map (we have spots #1 - #10)

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