Wednesday, December 6, 2017

End of the 2017 MCHS XC Season Celebration this Saturday, December 9th

Hi Everyone,

It's been a crazy season and I can't believe it's actually over!   ...Now, it's time to celebrate!    

End of the 2017 MCHS XC Season Banquet & Awards Night is coming up this Saturday and THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE to get signed up; we need to firm-up a head count for food by no later than Thursday!

WHEN: Saturday, December 9th 5-9:30PM
COST: $10 per person

-Pasta, salad and bread provided by Bruno's on 4th Street!
-Puma Ladies bring dessert for 8
-Puma Gentleman bring 6 pack of canned beverages

Dinner starts 5PM, Awards will cover 5:30-8:30, but we might run a bit longer...   Format includes presentations from Coaches, athletes tribute to the Seniors, a slide show and we'll finish with a close shave...

IMPORTANT: All athletes must turn in uniform if YOU have not already!!!
...Too late to mail your check! -Call/text or e-mail Teresa Armstrong at (707) 486-8021  ...even if you can't go, please RSVP just to make sure we know you will or will not be attending!

Come help! 4:30-5:00 (set-up), then 9:30-10PM (cleanup and Coaches Vs. Athletes B-Ball 3 on 3 Challenge)

GO PUMAS!!! ...Come celebrate the end to a FANTASTIC SEASON!!!

Cell: (707) 291-2967

We received several more RSVPs of recent, however... 

We still have not heard from the following 22 families!!   Our last day for head count has been extended until Thursday!

...MISSING RSVPs (as of 12/6/17):


Patrick Cooper
Jack Foster
Hunter Simmins
Kaden Swanson
Kyle Wu
Dominik Wuu

Omar Alvarez-Hernandez
Ethan Chen
Eugene Joh
Faith Murray
Miguel Rivas
James Roh

Aiden Buck
Bryce Chin
Andy Kasper
Gabriel Mellit
Bernard Omiple
Leon Peralta
Jacob White
Sam Wong

Mathew Lana
Cam Smith

Sunday, October 1, 2017

MCHS XC Week #8; what's been happening, what's coming up!

Hey Everyone,

This Monday is the start of week #8 for our 2017 MCHS XC season!   


Here's what the new/modified NBL 2017 Schedule looks like; Athletes, please be sure you can make ALL OF THESE MEETS!

10/4/17: MCHS hosting Ukiah and Montgomery 
10/11/17: MCHS and Rancho at Windsor
10/18/17: MCHS hosting Casa Grande and Santa Rosa
10/25/17: MCHS at Cardinal Newman

...Only 5 weeks left in the season, for those going through the end of the NBL League Championships on Friday, November 3rd!   ...Anyone that wants to keep working out with the Varsity teams after NBL Championships (Section and State Championships are only at the Varsity level) are welcome to keep going for another 3 weeks.

...So, what's coming up THIS WEEK?

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4TH: MCHS hosts first NBL Tri-meet vs. Ukiah and Montgomery at MCHS first race 3:45PM with Parent/Athlete team BBQ/Pot Luck following 5:30-6:30

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5TH: Our 3rd Ohana Night at the Storie's, 6-8PM (Freshmen bring drinks, Sophomores bring bread, Juniors bring Salad, Seniors bring Dessert)

THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6TH: Roster of 28 leaves for Clovis Invite!   ...Details:

Congratulations to both MCHS XC Varsity Teams, invited to race in BOTH Championship races at this very prestigious meet!   -Clovis Invite is on Saturday, 10/7 at Woodward Park's 5K State Championship 5K course!   Event Website:

CLOVIS LOGISTICS: Team leaves MCHS Friday, 10/6 at 10AM, then driving to Fresno, will preview the course ~3:30-5:00, then off for dinner, then staying 1night at the prestigious 2.5 star ;) University Square Hotel in Fresno (~6 miles from Woodward Park), then 4 races on Saturday, leaving ~1:30PM and expecting to be back at MCHS ~5:30-6PM

8:55 AM Championship Varsity Girls Roster (7): Aimee A, Sydnie R, Nicole M, Jasmin H, Talia L, Meghan F, Ellie C
9:30 AM Championship Varsity Boys Roster (7): Ben L, Scott K, Will M, Colton S, Zach L, Rory S, Harry F
11:20 AM Frosh-Soph Boys Roster (7): Patrick P, Pierce K, Owen P, Elijah E, Tristan S, Jack P, James R
12:15 PM Frosh-Soph Girls Roster (7): Emma H, Hannah C, Haley J, Audrey M, Avery D, Julia M, Jamie L

...OK, so what's been going on since my last post of 3 weeks ago, just in case you haven't heard already? 

First of all, if you don't know already, you can find ALL RESULTS from any local high school XC race this season here at the Redwood Empire Running Blog, managed by Jim Crowhurst here:

-Varsity Boys Rated Race: 2nd place/23 teams
-Varsity Girls Rated Race: 3rd place/24 teams
-Sophomore Girls Gold: 3rd place/17 teams
-Varsity Boys Gold-A: 8th place/21 teams

MCHS XC Woodbridge 2017 Roster



MCHS XC Boys at Viking Opener 2017

Lesley and Cristina; good times at Viking!
Coach Barry and "Dad" at Viking Opener

The last two weeks (week of 9/18 + week of 9/25) we've just been training and training and training!!!    Lots of Richardson hill runs/great workouts and although it was hard hopefully, everyone is feeling stronger!   ...We are entering the NBL competition phase of our season, but now is not the time to rest; now is the time to keep on pushing!!!


-BOYS ranked 3rd [legit] and racing against #1 in State West Torrance at Clovis Invite this weekend!

-GIRLS ranked 2nd after running very fast at Woodbridge; assuming a few more teams will be moved ahead of us in the next week, expecting we're close to top 5 in state, with room to move up!

Just like Coach "Farmer" Russ, the team has big hopes for this year.    ...Right now, Russ is producing some of the biggest pumpkins he's ever had and like his pumpkins, our fitness grows each week, so let's see how far we can take this!   ...Check out this one that weighed in at over 1800 lbs!

Coach "Farmer" Russ with his 1800+ lb. pumpkin

Varsity Boys using teamwork to move this behemoth gourd 

PARENTS, ATHLETES, ALUMNI AND FANS:  Be sure to keep up with all other postings, pictures, etc... on our team Facebook Page here:

ATHLETES!  ...Be sure to check out to track your improvement from all our race performances; here are a few examples/comparisons of some awesome improvement we're seeing:

Senior Sydnie Rivas: 2014-2016 has improved her Spring Lake 3.05 mile race pace from 7:07 to 6:11 and looking this season to go sub 6:00!

Senior Ben Lawson: 2014-2016 has improved his Spring Lake 3.05 mile race pace from 6:10 to 5:10 and looking this season to go sub 5:00!

Junior Sage Wu: In her first season, Sage is really improving!   ...With only 3 races, Sage has managed to improve her pace from 2 miles racing at 8:10 pace, now able to race 3.05 miles at 7:37 pace!   -Great job Sage!

Freshman Nicole Morris: Aimee Armstrong ran the 3 mile course at Woodbridge '15 (her Freshman year it was a different course but still flat/3 miles) in 18:51 and rocked it this year in 17:16 (10th fastest all-time in the Redwood Empire for 3 miles); to give you an idea for how fast Nicole is right now, she just ran 18:18, which is :33 faster than Aimee's freshman time; now that's running in some very FAST company!


-Coach Greg
Mobile: (707) 291-2967

Thursday, September 14, 2017

MCHS XC Week #5: ...What's coming up this weekend?


MEET #1) VIKING OPENER (Spring Lake, Santa Rosa) itinerary and race rosters/schedule LINK

Coach Barry will be in charge of this meet with help from Erik Lacy; 45 athletes entered in this meet.

PARENTS: You'll need to park in the Violetti Parking lot, then plan on ~20 minutes walk to the
starting line.   Note: Oak Knolls parking may be limited/reserved for Buses, OK to drop athletes off
at the Newanga Entrance, but plan for long lines!   $7 Parking fee at Newanga entrance (or free with
a regional parks pass.   -All divisions 2 miles.   Top 3 finishers for each team make up the team score;
athletes may not "race-up" a division (i.e. no Freshmen in the Junior race)

-Viking Opener Event Website:
-Results will be posted here:

MEET #2) WOODBRIDGE INVITATIONAL (L.A.) itinerary and race rosters/schedule LINK

28 Athletes going to this meet.  ...With most everyone leaving Friday from MCHS 8:30AM to drive down to L.A. in 5 separate vehicles (drivers: Coach Greg, Russ, Marion, Sue and Lesley Field), with competition in the PM hours on Saturday.  (a few are driving/flying down separately on Friday)

EVERYONE ON THE ROSTER: We are asking everyone to donate $25 to supplement for our fuel/van rental expense (give to Coach Marion). Breakfast and Dinners which will be provided, but bring your own $ to cover lunch or any other spending money you'll need; all other expenses will be covered, including entry fees and hotel.

-Woodbridge Event Website:
-Link to live results:

PARENTS: If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this weekend's activities, please contact Greg directly.


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Team Facebook Page: MCHS XC 2017!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

MCHS XC: Week #2 Highlights + what's coming up for Week #3

MCHS XC 2017 Week #3 Update


-If you have not already, you should bookmark this link for future reference as most of our race results, local competition and historical records are posted here!

COACHES SUMMARY FROM 8/25/17:  Great overall first race effort for the MCHS Team, showing impressive depth and proof that many of our runners put in some serious training over this summer, setting up for what should be a very exciting/impressive 2017 season for the Pumas!   ...FYI: The 1 mile and 2 mile marks were off from what we had been originally told, so it might take us a few days to "tease-apart" results and provide all athletes 1:1 feedback on how well they executed this race and what to work on next time (i.e. went out too fast for mile #1 and faded in mile #2, then slower in mile #3), but overall our coaches were quite pleased with our team's effort as this was everyone's first 3 mile (actually 3.06 miles) efforts of the season.  

ROSTER UPDATE; WHERE ARE ALL THE FRESHMAN GIRLS?!:   ...We are currently up to 70 runners who have made our fitness standard with 7 more working hard to make this fitness standard over the next 4 weeks.    EVERYONE: We need to step-up our activity to find a few more Freshman Girls!    ...We only have 2 on our roster, which is an all time low for the last 14 years of my coaching at MCHS; what the heck is happening?!   -Our goal is to have at least 5-7 on the roster for both boys and girls of each class; does anyone know of any other Freshman Girls?   -Our Roster is open through this Friday, September 1st; if you know of anyone that may have been cut from another sport or might be interested in joining our amazing team, please contact Greg ASAP! 

GREAT FUNDRAISING THIS PAST WEEK!   ...Thanks to all the athletes helping to fundraise over the past few weeks and especially over this weekend; BIG THANKS to Roy Raymond, Leticia and Brian Costas, the Altenbergs for helping to set-up/run/teardown the Rummage Sale, which brought in ~$850, all the athletes who begged for money at Safeway, pulling in another $700 and then ~22 athletes + Coach Barry, Russ and Greg who helped with the Santa Rosa Marathon and expecting to earn ~$1000 for 5+ hrs. in 90+ degree heat.    -Special thanks to all you parents who have donated beyond the $50 travel expense and keep it coming!    VERY SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO COACH RUSS, who basically helped with everything we were doing this past week/weekend, sometimes going in 3 different directions at once; THANKS RUSS!!!


Training, Training and more Training; no racing scheduled for this week!   
-All Varsity Athletes, please be ready for a 9AM Saturday, 9/2/17 workout, meeting at Howarth Park.


-EVERY ATHLETE needs to turn-in their Athlete Information Form/Donation Form AND be fully registered on by the this coming up Friday, September 1st if you want to be registered for the Ed Sias Invite on 9/9/17!  

-OUR ON-LINE STORE IS OPEN!!! Get some cool MCHS XC logo gear and help support the team; we get a percentage from all sales! The on-line store will be open for orders until 9/10/17, with a estimated delivery in 3 weeks.   -IMPORTANT!!! We have already ordered the Sports-Tek Dri-Fit T-shirt and Sports Tek Hooded Wind Jacket personalized with their name for all of our athletes so our Pumas look uniform as a team! We are please asking for a donation of $25 per athlete (checks payable to MCHS PAB) to help subsidize the cost. -Thank you!     


Please, please, please sign-up to help drive our kids to the park for workouts; we need 4-5 drivers each day we designate park workout days (2-3 days a week); this is very important element for our team and I believe is a big part of what distinguishes our program from others; please help to keep all our runners training on the trails!   LINK


-All of the schools in the NBL just last week voted to bring back our dual-tri meet schedule (4 smaller meets vs. NBL schools a season) vs. the current center meet schedule (2 larger meets vs. all NBL schools a season), which will be in affect THIS SEASON.   ...As soon as I get more details worked out with the other NBL coaches this week, I'll modify our schedule and publish a modified schedule with more detail, but expect it to look like the following with 4 meets in a row (all Wednesdays) with race locations TBD and all races starting at 3:45PM.

Here's what the modified NBL 2017 Schedule looks like: 

10/4/17: MCHS hosting Ukiah and Montgomery 
10/11/17: MCHS and Rancho at Windsor
10/18/17: MCHS hosting Casa Grande and Santa Rosa
10/25/17: MCHS at Cardinal Newman


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Highlights from week#1 / What's coming up for week #2


IMPORTANT!    ...Hi EVERYONE; Here's what's coming up over the next few days!

...We're going to have a busy next few days for our first race, then Saturday fundraising, then a bit more fundraising on Sunday.     Apologize for the huge time-sink, but hoping we can spread this around to everyone, including Parents!

We have some great fund-raising opportunities this weekend and then we'll be done fundraising for the season except one more event, the Healdsburg 1/2 Marathon water stations on 10/28.

FRIDAY, 8/25: Bus leaves MCHS at 2:00PM (change from 1:30) with roster heading for Redwood High School 395 Doherty Dr, Larkspur, CA 94939 for our first race!   Note: This is a change in location from what has been previously communicated (I heard just this evening); we're NOT going to Golden Gate Ntl. Recreation Area/ 591 Tennessee Valley Rd. in Mill Valley, but we'll be racing at Redwood High School.)
-Racing at 4:00-4:15PM; done racing by 5:00ish, then pot-luck till 6PM, hoping to get back to MCHS by 7:30PM.   Roster for this race includes 67 athletes that have all passed our fitness time trial!

SATURDAY, 8/26: Rummage Sale! Roy Raymond, Leticia Costas and Altenberg's helping from 7:30AM - Noon EVERYONE ELSE PLEASE BRING YOUR STUFF TO SELL! ...EMPTY YOUR GARAGE, WE'LL TAKE PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING! What doesn't sell we'll be hauling everything away to Goodwill or Salvation Army for what ever is left-over.

SATURDAY, 8/26: Run-A-Thon 8AM - 6PM (cutting this short/typically we go till Midnight, just because we're asking for a lot of time from everyone recently) we need athletes to show-up as follows + rotate some to Safeway to ask for donations:
Run-A-Thon Shifts (on MCHS Track):
8-10AM + 4-6PM = Seniors
10AM-Noon = Juniors
Noon-2PM = Sophomores
2-4PM = Freshmen
Safeway/Calistoga Road Shifts asking for donations:
10AM-11AM = Sophomores
11AM-Noon = Freshmen
Noon-1PM = Juniors
1PM-2PM = Seniors + Anyone else that wants to stick around

SUNDAY, 8/27: Helping with the Santa Rosa Marathon duties, 7:30AM-12:30PM (I know this is short notice, but this will raise $1000 for the team!), please get there on-time, find Greg and I'll direct you on where to go (I believe Russ was confirming volunteers today at practice, but we still 2-3 more volunteers!   -Just show up at the starting line, look for Greg and he'll point you in the right direction.
-5 volunteers to help with timing booth at the Finish Line
-10 volunteers to help with pancakes
-5 volunteers at the Woodstock Challenge booth
...Parents or Athletes please contact Greg if you can commit to this activity on Sunday!!!

Thanks everyone for helping the team.


Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Sunday, August 13, 2017

1st Day of Practice MCHS XC 2017!!!

YEAH!    ...Monday, August 14th is the first day of practice for the 2017 MCHS XC Season:

Meeting at the entrance of the MCHS Track 3:00-5:30

-Are YOU ready to meet your new teammates?
-Are YOU ready for our first workout of the season?
-Are YOU ready for 5 workouts a week (Varsity; we'll be doing a few "extra" workouts on a few Saturdays)?     ...Let's get excited!   ...This season we'll be incorporating a new weight training routine, along with our usual core strengthening and some flexibility/mobility activities, so be ready to get into the best shape of your life :)
-Reminder:   It will be mandatory for EVERYONE  to register sign-up for (MCHS registration code "runmchs!") so please continue to log-in your workouts and miles year-round...

-If your athlete didn't turn-in their Athletic Packet during Orientation, then plan on them going to school early and turning their Athletic Packet in so they have their clearance slip for practice.
-HELP!  ...We'll need 3-4 parents to help us drive (room for 20 passengers total) to the Park for workouts 2-3 times a week, starting this Tuesday and Thursday, next Monday and Tuesday, the following Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, etc...    Sign-up here:

-PARENT REMINDER:  We have a Mandatory Parent Team Meeting this Friday, August 18th, 5:30-6:45 to go over what to expect for the upcoming season and how YOU can help in making this season a success.


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967
Team Facebook Page: MCHS XC 2017!!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tahoe Running Camp Highlights / get ready for MCHS Orientation next week!

...Here are some 2017 TAHOE RUNNING CAMP HIGHLIGHTS (...more to come)

CAMPERS OF THE DAY: Aiden Kneble, Tristan Candelaria, Logan Field, Sage Wuu, Julia McCorquodale, Owen Pugh and Paden Collard


LINK to our MCHS XC 2017!!! Facebook page to check out all the pictures from Joe Civello has posted (this is a closed group, so you'll have to request to join)

2017 SPOONER PR HIGHLIGHTS (23 repeat runners/17 PRs or 74%; that's awesome!!!):

Kruetzfeldt, Scott 23%
Phillip, Partick 18%
Lawson, Ben 16%
Huntsinger, Emma 15%
Swinth, Colton 15%
Kapustska, Pierce 15%
Frankl, Harry 12%
Nguyen, Sara 9%
Huntsinger, Miranda 7%
Ingram, Taylor 5%
Rivas, Sydnie 5%
Marin, Jeffery 3%
Lindemann, Zach 3%
Singleton, Tristan 3%
Smail, Rory 2%
*Buenrostro, Karen 20% (Alumni)
*McCloud, William 54% (last year sprained ankle and had to walk most of the way)

2017 SPOONER RESULTS (12.3 Miles):

Kruetzfeldt, Scott 1:30:45
Swinth, Colton 1:32:31
Marin, Jeffery 1:34:59
Lindemann, Zach 1:35:25
Smail, Rory 1:36:04
Frankl, Harry 1:36:04
Wright, Jacob 1:36:11
Phillip, Partick 1:36:30
Ettedigui, Elihah 1:38:34
McCloud, William 1:39:46
Kapustska, Pierce 1:40:22
Lawson, Ben 1:40:23
Civello, Blake 1:41:04
Drake, Evan 1:41:05
Padilla, Brian 1:41:19
Singleton, Tristan 1:46:28
Smail, Andrew 1:47:16
Pickle, Jack 1:49:01
Alverez, Omar 1:49:02
Armstrong, Aimee 1:49:31
Collard, Payden 1:49:38
Ingram, Taylor 1:49:40
Rivas, Sydnie 1:49:52
Buenrostro, Karen 1:54:31
Morrison, Alex 1:54:32
Mandeville, Chilo 1:58:44
Hirth, Jasmin 1:58:49
Morris, Nicole 2:01:09
Lindemann, Bryce 2:01:10
Field, Logan 2:02:34
Page, Jason 2:02:53
Knebel, Aiden 2:02:58
Swanson, Kaden 2:04:55
Huntsinger, Miranda 2:10:41
Keefer, Marco 2:15:19
Herbstman, Jacob 2:16:10
Civello, Ellie 2:21:13
Wang, Joseph 2:21:14
Edwards, Julie 2:21:22
Altenburg, Matthew 2:21:37
Chinn, Bryce 2:22:25
Huntsinger, Emma 2:24:46
McCorquodale, Julia 2:26:05
Hickerson, Cameron 2:26:13
Joerger, Haley 2:26:35
Candelaria, Tristan 2:26:36
Raymond, Lily 2:26:37
McCorquodale, Adam 2:27:19
Hirth, Kyle 2:27:22
Smith, Cameron 2:28:07
Dhiman, Jai 2:30:31
Wu, Kyle 2:37:48
Nied, Savannah 2:39:01
Damon, Avery 2:39:43
Nguyen, Sara 2:39:55



-MCHS Orientation Schedule: 
8 August.  Freshman Orientation.  MCHS Gym.  9 am - 3 pm.    (I need some upper class athletes to help us recruit sign-ups!   -As usual, we need to find more Freshman Girls!!!)
9 August.  Senior Orientation.  MCHS Gym.  9:30 - 10:30 am.
9 August.  Junior Orientation.  MCHS Gym.  11 am - 12 pm.  
9 August.  Sophomore Orientation.  MCHS Gym.  A-K: 1 - 2 pm,      L-Z:  2 - 3 pm.
14 August. First Day of Practice.  3:00-5:00 pm.
15 August.  First Day of School.  8:00 am - 3:05 pm.

REMINDER:  YOU need to turn in your Athletic Packet LINK during orientation, this includes your Sports Physical (needs to be dated June 1st) and you'll need a Clearance Slip (see image below) before you can practice!    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:    YOU can't practice until you have a clearance slip and you can't get a clearance slip until you have your Athletic Packet complete and your Athletic Packet isn't complete if you don't have a Sports Physical, get it?!   -If YOU have not yet scheduled your Sports Physical, you can call and try to schedule an appointment with Ty Affleck of Santa Rosa Sports and Family Medicine (707) 546-9400, tell them you need a Sports Physical ASAP for MCHS XC.    ...Once you have everything together and turn it in to our Athletic Director at Orientation, you'll get a Clearance Slip to either turn-in to Coach Greg.   -If you can't get everything together by Orientation, then you have till the first day of Practice (Monday August 14th):   

...If you have any questions, or need more information about MCHS XC, especially new/incoming Freshmen athletes and parents, please don't hesitate to text/call or E-mail Greg.


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

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