Sunday, August 30, 2009

24 Hour Run-a-thon - Running with Scissors Edition

The Pumas handled the heat fairly well, thanks to a lot of support from parents and friends.  We set an all-time runathon record of 1002 laps (that would be 250.5 miles).   To get a sense for distance, 250 miles just about covers the entire trip between Santa Rosa and San Luis Obispo, for those of you who may have completed that drive recently.

The sophomores threw in some extremely high mileage sessions with their # x 200m relay attack strategy.  We got some welcomed help from Reesey and Kurt (give it up for the Panther assist!) A late night visit from "the streak" kept everyone loose and on their toes.  The average lap time over the 24 hours was 86 seconds.

One enduring image for me was Michael "Macabre" Titone hoisting our giant (plastic) scissors in javelin fashion as he trucked around the track. 

So far we've collected about $1600 in cash and checks - please continue to collect and turn in your money this week at practice.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 2 Workout Log

Monday, 8/24 = Parktrail to Lake Ilsanjo via Spring Creek (2.3 miles) plus 1-2 more repeats of last 0.45 miles (uphill) depending on training group, back to Parktrail, Finish with 4 x 100 stride buildups (4.6 to 6.2 miles)

Tuesday, 8/25
= Easy 15 min warmup run. Rincon Valley Park for form drills and 30 minutes circuit training. 30-40 minutes of continuous aerobic running around Rincon Valley. (4-7 miles)

Wednesday, 8/26
= Continuous aerobic run - 3 or 5 (MCHS to Brush Creek) or 6.5 miles (MCHS to Melita Road/Los Alamos) depending on training group.  Finish with quality 4 x 200m stride buildups on track. (4 - 7.5 miles)

Thursday, 8/27 = (all) easy 12 minute warm up run
(advanced group) 2 x (1 mile @ race pace + 15 minutes medium pace) 

(basic group) 3 x (5 minutes medium + 3 minutes fast) 
(all) 15 min cross training circuit, finish with 4 x 200m stride buildups on grass. (4 - 7 miles)

Friday, 8/28 = extremely hot and humid day.  12 minute easy warm up - 6 x 40-90 sec (draw a card!) hill repeats at Hoyal Drive under the hose spray.   Easy 8 minute run to aqua-jog  session, then back to MCHS.  (4 miles)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009 Run-a-thon Schedule

MCHS 24 Hour Run-A-Thon
(Starts Saturday 8AM 8/29; Ends Sunday 8AM 8/30)
This is our one and only fund raiser for Cross Country and Track. Last year we raised over $5000! Following are recommended times athletes should be at the MCHS track (although you are welcome to come at other times if you have a conflict and you are welcome to stay as long as you can!).
  • Seniors 8AM-10AM
  • Juniors 10AM-Noon
  • Sophomores Noon-2PM
  • Freshmen 2PM-4PM
  • Parents, Alumni and Coaches 4PM-6PM
  • Seniors 6PM-8PM
  • Juniors 8PM-10PM
  • Sophomores 10PM-Midnight
  • Freshmen Midnight-2AM
  • Parents, Alumni and Coaches 2AM-4AM
  • Seniors 4AM-6AM
  • Juniors 6AM-8AM


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MCHS Boy's Team Legacy

A brief history of noteworthy accomplishments by the Puma boys...

North Bay League Champions 2003-2007. Undefeated in league competition over that period. Finished 2nd to Santa Rosa in 2008.

NBL Individual titles (4): Jordan Kinley (1999, 2001), Ryan Aldridge (2005), Nate Huckaba (2007)

North Coast Section Team Titles (2) - 2005, 2006

NCS Individual Titles (2): Steve Laurie (1997, 1998)

Spring Lake Course - cumulative team marks (since 1988) : #5, 6, 12 all-time

California State Championships: '07: 7th, '06: 11th, '05: 17th, '04: 12th, '03: 13th

"Harambee" - Theme for 2009 Season

Harambee is a swahili word literally meaning "all pull together." In homage to the inspirational distance running tradition of Kenya, we have adopted this concept as our theme for the 2009 season.

This term was popularized by Kenya's first president, Joma Kenyatta in the 1960's. In that context, Harambee was a vision whereby Kenya would move forward as a nation when everyone helped carry the load toward a common goal of development. In our situation, it simply exemplifies the value of individual commitment toward achieving a larger group goal.


MCHS Girls Cross Country Brag Sheet

For a school that's only been around for 12 years, MCHS has built quite a formidable cross country tradition. Following are some of the Puma girls' accomplishments in Cross Country over the past few years...

1. North Bay League Team Champions for last 6 consecutive years (2003-2008)

2. Undefeated in league over that period (84-0)

3. Claimed NBL Individual Girls Champion 5 of the last 7 years

4. Team won North Coast Section Division III in 2008 against strong competition by a comfortable margin.

5. Cumulative team time at NCS in 2008 was #2 among all 81 competing teams (includes all divisions: Div 1 to 5 - finished narrowly behind #1 Livermore, the Div II Champ).

6. Team has won their NCS division three out of last five years (finished 2nd in years they did not win)

7. Claimed NCS Individual Girls Champion 2 out of last 4 years

8. Team Finished 3rd in California Division III in 2008

9. Have finished 4th or better in California Div 3 four of the past five years (finished 7th the year they were not in top 4)
. Team finishes at California State Championships: '08: 3rd, '07: 4th, '06:3rd, '05: 7th, '04: 2nd, '03: 15th, '02:15th, '01: 5th

10. Hold 5 of top 10 cumulative team times at Spring Lake Course (records kept since 1988). 5 of the 6 top team marks established since 2001 were set by the Puma girls.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 1 Workout Log

Monday, 8/17 = 20 minute aerobic run around MCHS finishing at Rincon Valley Park; drills and stretching; another 20 minutes aerobic run. Finish with 200m build ups (3-6 miles)

Tuesday, 8/18
= Easy 15 min warmup run. MCHS for form drills and light cross training + Deer Trail Road Hill repeats (only two up/back for everyone), then back to school. Finish with 4 x 200m build ups on the track. (3-4 miles)

Wednesday, 8/19
= Howarth Park - longer aerobic run with distance/duration adjusted by training group (3-7 miles)

Thursday, 8/20
= Warm up run (15 minutes), drills, then 4-6 x 1/2 mile intervals at race pace at Rincon Valley Park. (4-5 miles)

Friday, 8/21
= Very warm day - over 100 degrees! Howarth Park to Spring Lake Course (1 mile easy). Run Spring Lake course (3 miles). Run mile 1 of Spring Lake course up tempo. Easy warmdown back to Howarth (1 mile). (6 miles total)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

2009 Competition Schedule

  • Sep 4, Friday; Event: Rancho Invite; Location: RCHS; Release: 1:45PM; Depart: 2:00PM; Meet Begins: 3:45PM (unlimited)
  • Sep 12, Saturday; Event: Ed Sias Invite; Location: Martinez; Release: N/A; Depart: 6:30AM; Meet Begins: 9:00AM (unlimited)
  • Sep 16, Wednesday; Event: NBL/SCL Interlock # 1; Location: Casa Grande High School; Release: 1:45PM; Depart: 2:00PM; Meet Begins: 3:45PM (unlimited)
  • Sep 19, Saturday; Event: Viking Opener; Location: Spring Lake; Release: N/A; Depart: N/A; Meet Begins: 9:00AM (unlimited)
  • Sep 23, Wednesday; Event: NBL/SCL Interlock # 2; Location: Spring Lake (MCHS Hosting); Release: 1:30PM; Depart: 1:50PM; Meet Begins: 3:45PM (unlimited)
  • Sep 26, Saturday; Event: Stanford Invite; Location: Stanford University; Release: N/A; Depart: 8:00AM; Meet Begins: 12:10PM (Varsity Only)
  • Oct 7, Wednesday; Event: NBL #1 Piner/Elsie; Location: Spring Lake; Release: 1:45PM; Depart: 2:00PM; Meet Begins: 3:45PM (unlimited)
  • Oct 10, Saturday; Event: Crystal Springs Invite; Location: San Mateo; Release: N/A; Depart: 7:00AM; Meet Begins: TBD (unlimited)
  • Oct 14, Wednesday; Event: NBL#2 SR/Ukiah ; Location: MCHS Host MCHS Campus; Release: 2:15PM; Depart: N/A; Meet Begins: 3:45PM (unlimited)
  • Oct 17, Saturday; Event: Cal Poly Invite ; Location: Cal Poly ; Release: 11:45AM Fri Oct 16; Depart: Noon, Fri Oct 16; Meet Begins: 9:00AM Saturday (limited roster: Varsity plus limited JV and/or Frosh/Soph)
  • Oct 21, Wednesday; Event: NBL#3 Rancho; Location: RCHS; Release: 1:45PM; Depart: 2:00PM; Meet Begins: 3:45PM (unlimited)
  • Oct 23 or Oct 24, Friday or Saturday; Event: TBD; Location: TBD; Release: TBD; Depart: TBD; Meet Begins: TBD
  • Oct 28, Wednesday; Event: NBL#4 CN/Ursuline Monty; Location: Spring Lake; Release: 1:45PM; Depart: 2:00PM; Meet Begins: 3:45PM (unlimited)
  • Nov 6, Friday; Event: League Championships; Location: Spring Lake; Release: Noon; Depart: 12:15 PM; Meet Begins: 2:00 PM (unlimited)
  • Nov 14, Saturday; Event: 2 Mile Time Trial ; Location: C. Newman High School ; Release: N/A; Depart: N/A; Meet Begins: 6:00PM (unlimited)
  • Nov 21, Saturday; Event: NCS Championships; Location: Hayward High School; Release: N/A; Depart: 7:30 AM; Meet Begins: 11:00 AM (Varsity only)
  • Nov 28, Saturday; Event: State Meet; Location: Woodward Park, Fresno; Release: N/A; Depart: 9:00 AM Friday; Meet Begins: TBD (Varsity only)

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