Friday, October 29, 2010

Pampered Chef Fund Raiser - November 4

Does your cross country runner like to eat?

We all know they need their calories and nutrition to run well.

Now is your chance to explore how to give your cross country runner the opportunity to eat quickly, nutritiously and deliciously because the MCHS Cross Country Team is having a:

Pampered Chef Fund-raiser on Thursday, November 4,
6:15 to 7:45 p.m. at the Gunderson's home
at 2327 Rancho Cabeza Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95404.
You are invited to drop your runner(s) off at the pasta feed at Grant Silverstein's home at 6 p.m. and then proceed to the Pampered Chef Fund-raiser at the Gunderson's to munch and shop for yourself or others on your shopping list for the best cooking tools in the world!

25% of the product sales will go to our MCHS XC Team!!!

Scheduling a personal Cooking, Online, Bridal or Fund-raiser Show will add extra donations to the Team.

If you are not able to make it that evening, please go to to shop online.

Just go to "Shop Online" and type in "MCHS XC Team". Please contact and forward the web-site to friends and family anywhere in the United States. Direct shipping to anywhere in the country is available.

Please contact Cecile Mendoza-Wuu (Timothy Wuu's mom) to 707.486.4943 or, so we will know how much food to prepare, for questions, or to place orders.

Invite your friends to come for fun, too! Bring a friend and get a prize!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wine Country 1/2 Marathon Volunteer Names

Greg will NOT be here this Saturday, 10/30/10 for this event = please contact each station event manager listed via contact information from the last blog entry if you have questions!

Bagcheck = Freshmen Boys meet Kristina Gunderson/Grant Silverstein at MCHS 4:30 AM (yikes!)
> Johnathan Lu, Nick J, Colin B, DJ, Ryan, Dante, Spencer

Water Station #5 = Girls meet Nancy Thiele at BadAss Coffee 6:15AM (corner Markwest and Old Redwood Hwy)
> Brynna, Ashley, Lauren K, Sophia, Gretel, Kelly, Jamaeca, Drew, Trysha, Heidi)

Water Station #7 = Boys meet Kelly Rogers at McDonalds 6:30AM
> Daniel, Harrison, Jake, Martyn, Austin, Colin, Gus, Steve, Emillio

Finish Line = meet Michael Pointer at MCHS 6:30AM
> Schuylar, Austin B, James

Have fun! ...Take pictures so we can post on the blog. Special prizes for most enthusiastic water station as determined by 1/2 Marathon participants, Coach Ruben and Coach Tim. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Healdsburg Wine Country 1/2 Marathon Fund Raiser!

This Saturday, 10/30 our team has the opportunity to earn ~$1K+ from this event!

Race starts at Francis Ford Coppola Winery, course runs primarily on Dry Creek Road and ends at Warm Springs Dam Recreation area. Link to event website:

-If you want to participate, please contact the following people directly:

Kristina Gunderson 5:30-11:00 AM = Bag Check + Starting Line/Finish Line or cell: (707) 695-6462

Nancy Thiele 7:00 - 10:00 AM = Water Station #5 or cell: (707) 478-4354

Kelly Rogers 7:00 - 10:00 AM = Water Station #7 or cell: (707) 318-3328

Michael Pointer 7:00 - 11:00 AM = Timing and Finish Line Set-Up or cell: (707) 543-6098

...The more we participate, the more our team earns!

Dress in Costume, come to have fun + watch Coach Ruben and Coach Tim run!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mt SAC Report - Part I - Freshman Boys

Maria Carrillo's Frosh Boys team easily won their Division 2 race over 15 other schools at the 63rd Annual  Mt SAC Invitational (with 23,000 participants, "the largest XC meet in the world")

L to R ; Bartlett, Jensen, Hays, Russell, Jones, King

Individual results (171 runners in the race)
1. Colin Bartlett, 17:04
2. Nick Jensen, 17:21
5. Dante Hays, 17:47
6. Michael King, 17:50
10. Spencer Jones, 17:58
14. DJ Russell, 18:08

There were a total of 12 freshman boys races at the meet, with a total of 168 teams competing.  The Puma Boys cumulative team time of 1:28:00 was the third fastest of all the 168 teams, just narrowly behind Southern Section powerhouse schools Redondo and Palos Verdes.

Check out the post race Flotrack interview with the freshman boys here.  If these guys expect to continue being this good, they'll definitely need to improve their media skills!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Competition Schedule Updates!

Less than 3 weeks to NBL XC Championships!

Here's our schedule for the remainder of the season (note we've made some changes = Added Mt. SAC, dropped Two Mile Time Trial):

1) 10/20/10 Wednesday = Tri meet vs. Rancho and Elsie at RCHS

-Bus leaves MCHS at 2PM first race at 3:30 (only 2 races = combined girls + combined boys)
-Note: Team is doing "extra" 30 minute cool-down after each race

2) NEW! 10/22/10 Friday = Mt. SAC Invite (expect back at MCHS 10/24 ~6PM)

-Taking 24 individuals leaving MCHS Friday, 10/22/10 at 11:00 AM
-Need to bring $50 for Knotts Berry Farm + some money for food
-Boys: Quality Inn Artesia + Coach Ruben, Michael, Tim and Greg
-Girls: Innsuites Hotel and Suites - Buena Park, CA + Coach Kelly
10/23/10 Race Schedule: JVB = 7:10AM(!); VB = 8:19AM; VG = 8:58AM; FB = 11:00AM
Event Website:

3) 10/27/10 Wednesday = Tri meet vs. Ukiah and Newman/Ursuline at UHS

-Bus leaves MCHS at 1:30PM on Wednesday

4) 11/5/10 Friday = NBL Championships at Spring Lake (SRHS host)

-Cars leave MCHS at 12:15 on Friday = first race at 2PM (JVG > JVB > VG >VB)

5) 11/20/10 Saturday = NCS Championships at Hayward High School (Varsity only)

-Cars leaving MCHS Friday at 6PM (staying overnight in Hayward due to early race schedule)
-Race Schedule: VB = 8:30AM; VG = 9:30AM

6) 11/27/10 Saturday = State Championships at Woodward Park, Fresno (Varsity only)

-Cars leaving MCHS on Friday at Noon
-Race Schedule: VB = 8:30AM; VG = 9:30AM

...Any questions, or if you need more detail about our schedule or any events listed above contact Coach Greg Fogg C:(707) 291-2967 or

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Results - Carrillo at Crystal Springs and Clovis this Past Saturday

The Pumas split their squad on Saturday, October 9, with the Varsity teams heading to Clovis while the JV and Frosh/Soph kept it relatively close to home with a meet at Crystal Springs.

Crystal Springs
We had seven of our thirty runners win "top 15" shirts - Schuyler Mortimer (12th in Boys JV- see photo right), Heidi Thiele (9th in Girls JV), Ashley Gunderson (4th in Girls Frosh-soph), Colin Bartlett (4th in Boys Frosh), Nick Jensen (7th in Boys Frosh), Ryan Anderson (11th in Boys Frosh), and DJ Russell (14th in Boys Frosh).

You can look up the complete meet results by clicking here.

L to R - Spencer Jones, Ryan Anderson, DJ Russell,
Colin Bartlett, Nick Jensen, and Michael King 
Did you just notice that we had 4 frosh boys in the top 14?  If I add the fact that Spencer Jones narrowly missed a shirt with a 17th place finish, it will not surpise you to learn that the Boys Frosh team won their race over 16 other schools, including CCS powerhouse Bellermine with a great team score of 45.  In fact, their team time of 1:29:36 has only been bettered by three other freshman teams at Crystal Springs in the past 6 years.  Their performance would have placed them 13th out of 25 teams in the Varsity race.

The Girls F-S team came in a close third in their race with 62 pts behind winner St Ignatius with 42.  Besides Ashley Gunderson, Maddie Dipple (17th), Brittni McFarland (19th), Jackie VanDenburg (22nd), Trysha Hicks (32nd), Paige VanDenburg (36th), and Nora Hayden (39th) represented what MCHS Cross Country is all about by racing with great spirit and determination - awesome job Pumas!

Drew Gallagher also had an inspired effort, finishing 17th in the Boys JV to help that crew place 3rd among 20 schools.

The Girls finished a competitive 5th out of 24 teams in the Division 3 Race, with Lauren Kraus leading the way with an 8th place finish.  Lauren's time of 19:30 was 95th of 1258 girls that ran in all the races on the day.  The Boys finished 7th out of 23 teams in the D3 Race, one spot behind Petaluma. Daniel Hauptman led the way for the Pumas with an 11th place finish in his race.  You can check complete race results by clicking here

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crystal Springs Meet Info - Saturday, October 9

Location: Belmont,Ca.
  • Bus Leaves MCHS: 630AM, be at MCHS at 615AM
  • Bus Arrives Crystal Springs around 830AM; set up camp, first race at 9:00AM
  • Bus Leaves Crystal Springs around 1:00PM
  • Bus Arrives at Ocean Beach 1:30PM, SF (Great Highway between Lincoln Way and Beach Chalet)
  • 1:30PM-2:30PM- Lunch at Ocean Beach
  • 2:30-4:00 - Drive Back to MCHS
Please Bring: 
  • Something to eat/drink during the morning; Coaches will provide lunch around 130pm.  Full snack bar will in operation at the meet - so you may want to bring some spending money.
  • Bring some warm clothing.  Weather can change quite quickly - can be very cool and breezy, but can also get quite warm.
  • Ok to bring a folding chair and something to read or homework.
Race Schedule (remember that Varsity squads are competing in Clovis this day!)
  • 9:00AM -Junior Varsity (all junior and senior boys in this race)
  • 9:30AM -Boys Varsity (no MCHS entries)
  • 10:00AM - Boys Championship Varsity (no MCHS entries)
  • 10:30AM - Girls Varsity (no MCHS entries)
  • 11:00AM - Boys Soph (all soph boys in this race) 
  • 11:30AM- Girls JV (all junior/senior girls in this race)
  • 12:00AM - Boys Freshman (all freshman boys in this race)
  • 12:30AM- Girls Frosh/Soph (all freshman and soph girls this race)
T-shirts are awarded to top 15 in each race!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Wednesday, 10/6/10 = first NBL Meet vs. Piner and Santa Rosa at Foothill Park, Windsor
-Bus Leaves MCHS at 2PM
-JVG = 3:45 > JVB > VG > VB
-Expect Bus to return to MCHS by 6:30 - 7PM

Friday, 10/8/10 = Boys/Girls Varsity 7 leave for Clovis Invite, Fresno
-Cars Leave MCHS at Noon
-Races are 1:25 and 1:55 on Saturday
-Expect to return to MCHS by 7:30PM

Saturday, 10/9/10 = Team Competes in Crystal Springs Invite, Belmont (1/2 hour south SF)
-Bus Leaves MCHS at 6:15 AM
-First race at 9AM; last race 12:30PM
-Expect to return to MCHS between 4-6PM (post race activities TBD)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pancake Run- Awesome Fun!

The Pancake Run to the Lowder's was a great time!  Many thanks to the Lowder's for hosting us.

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