Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Training Guidelines + Reminder for PE credit

  • Only 7 weeks till the first day of Track practice = February 4th, 2013!  See below for some training guidelines to help you get back into a "regular routine"
  • If you're looking to get PE credit for this past XC season, Students are responsible to obtain forms (see Ms. Henschel, MCHS Counseling Secretary) and bring to Coach Greg for signature.   Deadline to turn-in forms has been extended to Dec 20.

Running Club at MCHS started this week with Mr. Pointer; meeting right after school M-W-F.  

> Key Objectives to accomplish over this Winter Break to help you prepare for an awesome Track season and leveraging what Ruben introduced to the "P-14" members during the XC: 

1) Boost your Running Economy!  OK, what the heck does that mean?   ...That means you can RUN FASTER with LESS EFFORT!   ...Sounds good; how can I do that? 

-Form Drills 3 times/wk
-Video Form review and feedback
-Plyometric Exercises 2 times/wk
-Keep a mix of Race Pace or Short Intervals twice/week
-Mid-foot strike and Calibrate stride length to 180 steps/minute or 90 per left
-Change stride pattern from "oval" to "circular"
-Eliminate "bouncing" and lower legs "swinging-out" during stride

2) Keep Consistent:  Suggest the same training pattern that we had success with during XC = 2 quality "speed" days a week with EZ days in between, one tempo workout a week and one over-distance day.

3) Keep your mileage up; but not too much!  -OK to do only ~80% of the total mileage we did in XC; you don't need to continue running long, slow miles (this is track!) and you should already have a good endurance base to carry-over from XC.   YOU need to start transitioning your XC stride into a fast, efficient and powerful track stride!

4) Do your CORE!   -Minimum of 10 minutes/day; better to do 15 minutes and keep changing it up; if you need more help/guidance for off-season cross-training, call Sheryl (cell: 328-9016) 

Stay tuned, more to come, including links to form drills and a Mon-Sat training calendar.   

P-14 Examples of Form Drills: 
-High Knees
-Butt Kickers
-A Skips
-B Skips

P-14 Examples of Plyometrics Exercises:

 "A" Set
30 secs each
jumping jacks
cross jumps
mountain climbers
prisoner squats
2.5 mins recovery
 "B" Set
1 min: rope - both feet
30 secs: box jumps
1 min: rope - alt feet
2.5 mins recovery

-Coach Greg 
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Locals at Footlocker West Regionals

A few local runners we know traveled down to Mt San Antonio College in Southern California to participate in the Footlocker West Regional Cross Country Championships (not sanctioned high school competition).  Here's how they did:

5,000m course
Seeded races

Ashley Moffett 72nd 20:14
Brynna Thigpen 89th 20:30
Hannah Haley 109th 20:59
Complete Girls Seeded 5k race results
Meet Record Amber Trotter, Ukiah (2001) 17:14


Colin Metcalfe 139th 17:35
Harrison Luft 157th 17:44
Alex Morrison 171st 17:56
Complete Boys Seeded 5k race results

F/S All West 

Cecilia Avelar 24th 20:35
Samantha Perry 56th 21:46
Andrea Natoli 65th 22:01

Abby Orgish 67th 22:16
Carolina Avelar 69th 22:17
Complete Results

Zac West 46th 18:06
Jordan Scobey 80th 18:52
Complete Results

3mile courses

Boys F/S
Evan Drake 78th 18:09
Tommy Smail 97th 18:24
Lucas Azcarraga 105th 18:32

F/S results All results

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photos of CIF State Champs Posted

We have posted photos from State Champs courtesy of Graham Metcalfe.  It would be impossible to improve on the quality of these photos - the crowds and barricades made this an extremely difficult event to photograph!  Great job and thanks Graham!

You can always access the archive of photos and videos from past meets by selecting the "Photos and Videos" page in the shortcuts found in the right margin.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saucony/Heart&Sole Runners of the Week!

Hey Pumas!  Heart&Sole gave Runner of the Week honors to everyone who finished in the top-10 among locals at State who hadn't yet received the honor thus far this season.
For the Pumas, this means that Cecilia Avelar, Harrison Luft, Samantha Perry and Colin Metcalfe were among those honored! 

Check it out!

CIF State Championships Recap

(from L to R) Alex Morrison, Zac West, Colin Metcalfe,
Harrison Luft, Nick Jensen, Colin Bartlett, Ryan Anderson
 Following is the meet summary for the Pumas efforts at the CIF State Championships last Saturday.
  • Click here to see MCHS all-time lists for CIF State Championships at Woodward Park.
Girls: Took 17th in a very competitive Division 2 field of 22 schools.Although the girls were the fastest Redwood Empire team at State and the team placed in line with pre-meet projections, the overall results fell short of what we planned for and what this team already showed it could do.  The good news is that this is a very young team, and almost all of these young women will get the opportunity to learn from their experience, improve their preparation, and make the corrections which should lead to more enjoyable competitive experiences and satisfying results in the future.

Some individual highlights... a very solid 19:14 effort from senior Brynna Thigpen (2nd fastest effort by a Redwood Empire girl, 22nd fastest performance by a Puma girl at State, and 8 seconds off her PR); a sparkling 19:48 from freshman Cecilia Avelar (equivalent to about 19:00 effort at Spring Lake and 47 secs faster than when she ran this course on Oct 6 at the Clovis Invite).  This makes Cecilia the 18th fastest Puma girl ever at State.  And finally, a very speedy and poised 20:23 by soph Sam Perry (equivalent to about 19:35 effort at Spring Lake and 25 secs faster than at Clovis Invite).  Way to go!

Our long-term program goal is to consistently finish in the top 10 teams in Division 2 at State (just as we did when we competed in Division 3).  We already have the team that can accomplish this - let's believe and go get it!

17. 424 Maria Carrillo ( 20:05 1:40:22 1:44)
1 45 Brynna Thigpen SR NCS 19:14
2 71 Cecilia Avelar FR NCS 19:48
3 82 Andrea Natoli SO NCS 19:59
4 104 Samantha Perry SO NCS 20:23
5 122 Shannon Palladino SO NCS 20:58
6 (127) Shawn Cichosz SO NCS 21:06
7 (128) Shaz Breedlove SO NCS 21:07

Boys: Took 11th in Division 2 among 22 schools.  

The Boys took a giant step forward and exceeded expectations with their performance (pre-meet rankings/projections slotted them somewhere in the 15th -17th range).  Not only did this team lower the previous Maria Carrillo team time record by 1:40, but each of the seven runners ran the fastest MCHS time for their team place.

The boys were easily the fastest team from the Redwood Empire, 4th among all NCS schools, 9th among all Northern California schools (this includes NCS, Northern Section, Central Coast Section, and Sac-Joaquin Section) regardless of division, and 35th among the 114 teams in all the 5 divisions at State.

According to our research, this was the Redwood Empire's 6th fastest team time ever recorded at Woodward Park.

Individual Highlights: Ryan Anderson took 13th in a stellar 15:40.  This is by far the best time ever run by a Puma boy at State (previous best, 16:05 by Steve Laurie in 1998).  Ryan's time ties him for 11th all-time from the Redwood Empire and was 52nd among all boys in all 5 divisions this year.

Harrison Luft became the 7th fastest MCHS boy at State with a scintillating 16:19 PR effort (equivalent to about 15:40 at Spring Lake) and tied for 50th all-time from the Redwood Empire.  Colin Metcalfe ran just off his 2011 PR, while Nick Jensen and Colin Bartlett moved to 13th and 14th respectively in the MCHS all-time list.  Zac West and Alex Morrison's efforts moved them to 21st and 22nd on the all-time MCHS list.  Awesome job Pumas!

11. 277 Maria Carrillo ( 16:26 1:22:07 1:08)
1 6 Ryan Anderson JR NCS 15:40
2 39 Harrison Luft SR NCS 16:19
3 68 Colin Metcalfe SR NCS 16:38
4 78 Nick Jensen JR NCS 16:42
5 86 Collin Bartlett JR NCS 16:48
6 (107) Zac West SO NCS 17:04
7 (110) Alex Morrison SR NCS 17:07

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Final State Highlights coming this week...

If you haven't caught up with the CIF State XC final results yet, here's a link to all the details and we'll have more highlights coming later this week:

A very impressive 11th place DII finish and all-time MCHS team time improvement of ~1:40 on the Woodward Park course for the Boys; this team ran great!!!   ...Boys were led again by Ryan Anderson who ran 15:40 for the 5K distance; only the best performance by any other boy athlete n the Redwood Empire!

The girls 17th place team finish wasn't consistent with their amazing season performances to date, but we still had some stand-out performances on the Girls squad led by "Gram" Brynna Thigpen!

...OK, so what's next?

Athletes will either start your 2 week break now, or some runners will be training on their own, meeting at our usual practice time through this week to prepare for the Foot Locker Western Regional on Saturday, 12/1/12 (we've already named the limited roster; please see Greg or Sheryl for details if you don't already have them!).   -However and since the season is officially done, we cannot actually have organized direct coaching/practice sessions, so please consider the following as non-mandatory and only training suggestions for those wanting to "stay sharp" for the Foot Locker race training on your own:
-Mon: EZ 1 hr. run
-Tue: 3200 on the track > 2-3 miles cool-down > stretch/roll
-Wed:  EZ 45 min
-Thu: EZ 20 min warm-up > 2 x 3:00 at ST pace > 1 x 600m at I pace > 5 min cool down > stretch/roll
-Fri: EZ 30 min

End of the MCHS XC season celebration at MCHS small gym is Saturday 12/8/12 6:00-8:30PM (including a final, final ~5 minute relay contest to determine the winner of the Crazy relays trophy between the Seniors and Juniors); see previous blog post for more information.

The Girls Team will be cooking/serving dinner to the Guys!     ...Details TBD

Lastly, the coaching staff is still hoping the XC team can put together a  roster for the coaches annual 3 on 3 B-ball challenge.    ...Hey Jordan, how's that going?   ;)

Any questions, or if you need any additional information, feel free to contact Coach Greg directly:

Cell Phone: (707) 291-2967

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pumas getting ready for tomorrow in Fresno

MCHS at State!

Follow State Meet Results on Saturday

Follow State Meet results on Saturday by clicking here.

Boys run in Div 2 race at 10:40am, girls run at 12:15pm.

Outlook: both the girls and boys teams are projected to finish in the 15th-17th place range in their races.  The boys are looking to improve upon their best team time at the State Meet (83:46 in 2006).  Look for Ryan Anderson to challenge the best Puma boy's time at State (Steve Laurie, 16:05, 1998).

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Important Reminder - End of Season Celebration

A reminder to please send in your forms for the end of season awards dinner on December 8th!!
Deadline is December 4th!

Info can be found here.

State Meet Logistics Summary

Confirming headcount and logistics for State Championships in Fresno on Friday, November 23rd

Please let me know if there are any different plans/exceptions to what I’ve outlined below!   Note we’ll be using MCHS XC funds to cover Dinner on Friday + Breakfast on Saturday, so kids need to have their own lunch money for both ways!
Logistics on Friday, 11/23/12:
  • 10:30 AM = Leaving MCHS
  • 3:00 = Arrive at Woodward Park for shake-out run + starts (include ~1/2 hour stop for light lunch/snack en route)
  • 3:30 – 5:00 = Shake-out run on Woodward Park course
  • 5:30 = Dinner (Old Spaghetti Factory)
  • 7:00 = Check into Hotel (Holiday Inn, Fresno Airport); 15 minute meeting at 8:00 or 8:30 in Coaches room to get numbers + instructions for Saturday
  • 10:00 = Lights Out!
  • Drivers leaving MCHS 10:30 AM = room for 21 passengers total:
    • Lisa = (6 passengers)
    • Sheryl = (6 passengers)
    • Greg = (5 passengers)
    • Ruben = 4 passengers)
Team Headcount going down based on 20 total (7 racing + 3 alternates for each team):
  • Boys coming with us (9): Ryan, Nick, Harrison, Colin M, Colin B, Zac, Dante, Jordan, Spencer (?)
  • Boys meeting us at Woodward Park (1): Alex
  • - Can someone confirm if Michael K is interested in going (OK by me and we can make room for him)
  • Girls coming with us (7): Brynna, Andrea, Shaz, Shannon, Shawn, Sam, Abby
  • Girls meeting us at Woodward Park (3): Cecilia, Allie, Kelly
Logistics for Saturday, 11/24/12:
  • 7:30 AM = Boys wake-up (Ruben/Greg will have light breakfast waiting in the lobby)
  • 8:15 = Boys leave Hotel + Girls wake-up
  • 9:30 = Girls leave Hotel
  • 10:40 = Boys Race!
  • 12:15 = Girls Race!
  • 1:30-2:00 = Leave Woodward Park > stop for lunch > home by ~7:00PM
Looks like the weather is going to be great in Fresno on Fri/Sat. …I’ll be camping the next few days in Monterey and have limited access to my e-mail.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

More on NCS

The MCHS Boys warming up for their race on Saturday

All the time stats went out the window at NCS on Saturday.  The course conditions made it all about competing, perseverence, and well... enjoying getting really dirty!

News coverage by Press Democract.

Terrific photos by San Jose Mercury News gives you a sense for what it was like out at Hayward on Saturday

Saturday, November 17, 2012

On to the State Championships!

...Last Week of the season , preparing for State Championships:  Nov 19th - 24th! 

> Note switch in workouts from previous blog post for Mon/Wed workouts
> If you cannot make these workouts, please text/e-mail Greg and he'll provide you pacing guidelines

Mon, Nov 19th: 8:30-9:30 AM Cowbell workout (meet at MCHS will probably run at Montecito Park)
Tue, Nov 20th: 60 Min EZ run on your own
Wed, Nov 21st: 8:30-9:30 AM Tempo Run at MCHS track
Thu, Nov 22nd: Happy Thanksgiving! 45 min EZ run with 6 x :20 strides on your own

> Fri, Nov 23rd: Everyone leaving MCHS at 10:30 AM
-Arrive at Woodward Park, Fresno ~3:00-3:30
-Check into Hotel 5:00-5:30, Dinner 6:00 or 6:30, Lights-out 10:00
-Hotel details: Holiday Inn, Fresno Airport, 5090 E Clinton Way, Fresno CA 93727

Sat, Nov 24th: State Championships!
-Boys race 10:40 AM
-Girls race 12:15 PM
-Everyone should be back home by 6:30-ish, depending on traffic

Sun, Nov 25th: Rest! deserve it ;)

Any questions or need more information?  

-Coach Greg
cell: (707) 291-2967



Both the girls and boys teams won NCS titles today!  Terrific racing in a rainy, muddy mess. This is a repeat of 2005 when both teams also won the Div 2 crowns.

Ryan Anderson won the individual Boys D2 title, becoming the first Maria Carrillo boy to win the section championship since Steve Laurie in 1998!

For the girls, this was their 6th section win in the last 9 years.  This was the third team win for the boys.

Click here to see results!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Info for NCS Championships at Hayward

Click here to see live results of the NCS meet at Hayward on Saturday morning.

Also, you can receive text message updates throughout the morning by texting the phrase RTUPDATES to phone number 41411.  Just reply to the same number with phrase STOP when you want to stop the updates.

Follow this link for directions to Hayward High School.  Parking is very limited - try parking in the neighborhood near 5th and E St, then walking to the campus.

Catching Up with MCHS Coach Greg Fogg

Click here to read profile on Greg in Cross Country Express

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Checklist for NCS Weather

For NCS on Saturday: Race packing list
• long sleeve warm-up
• warm-up jacket and/or rain jacket
• warm-up pants /sweats
• 3 pair of socks (1 warm-up pair, 1 light-weight/thin race pair, and one pair for post-race)
• gloves
• knit cap
• warm clothes to change into after the cool down
• (and of course all of your usual stuff)

Timing of things
1. Make sure that you attach you timing chip to your races shoes and your number to your race singlet as soon as you get it.
2. Put your race shoes and race singlet in a place where they will keep dry until you finally put them on
3. Once done with your warm-up and once you have put on your race flats and singlet, put on your long warm-up pants and a warm jacket of long-sleeve jersey to wear to the start line - the idea is to keep warm once you have warmed up - duh.
  • Shed the top last - right before grouping up in the start box.
  • Alternates will be at the start line and collect the pants and long sleeve tops/jackets in a trash bag just before the start
4. Have fun!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Tree Fundraiser - Last Chance!

Last chance to submit orders for Christmas trees, wreaths or garland!

Return forms no later than this Thursday, Nov. 15, to any coach or Nick Jensen. Call Jennifer Jensen with any questions at 478-2006.

Click here for more info on Christmas Tree Fundraiser and forms.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Plans for the next two weeks NCS and State Championships!

Practice and competition plans for the next two weeks, covering NCS and State Championships! 

...I know there are quite a few Parents where the NCS and State Championships post-season is a totally new experience, so please do not hesitate to contact Coach Greg ( or Cell: 707-291-2967) if you have any questions about any of this activity!   -Our goal is to continue working out during this time frame, but to be reasonably flexible and accommodate everyone's Holiday plans.   -Please make sure to contact Coach Greg if you are going to miss any practice sessions!   ...OK to do some workouts on your own if you have Holiday plans, but still need to contact Greg! 

1) MCHS XC travel extends to the top 7 Varsity + the next 3 alternates (no JV)
2) Only the top 3 teams in the NCS Championships will qualify for the State Championships in Fresno; both our teams are ranked 1st going into the NCS Championships, so we feel good about our chances and planning for both teams going to Fresno!
3) There will be several changes in our "regular" 3:00 or 3:30 practice start times due to the Holidays as noted below: 

Next Week, preparing for NCS Championships = Nov 12th - 17th: 

Mon, Nov 12th: 8:30-9:30 AM Interval workout at Montecito Park
Tue, Nov 13th: 5:00 PM Tempo workout at MCHS Track
Wed, Nov 14th: 3:30 PM (regular time practice) 
Thu, Nov 15th: 3:30 PM (regular time practice)
Fri, Nov 16th: 3:30 PM (regular time practice)

Sat, Nov 17th: NCS Championships at Hayward High School leaving MCHS in two waves: 
-First wave = Boys leaving MCHS 7:30 AM; racing 10:40 AM
-Second wave = Girls leaving MCHS 8:15 AM; racing 12:15 PM
-Everyone should be back by 3:30 (may be 4:30 if we stop for lunch)
NCS Championship Bulletin link:
Sun, Nov 18th: EZ 4-6 mile run on your own

Last Week of the season, preparing for State Championships = Nov 19th - 24th: 

Mon, Nov 19th: 8:30-9:30 AM Tempo workout at MCHS
Tue, Nov 20th: 60 Min EZ run on your own
Wed, Nov 21st8:30-9:30 AM Interval workout at Montecito Park
Thu, Nov 22nd: Happy Thanksgiving! 45 min EZ run with 6 x :20 strides on your own

Fri, Nov 23rd: Everyone leaving MCHS at 10:30 AM
-Arrive at Woodward Park, Fresno ~3:00-3:30
-Check into Hotel 5:00-5:30, Dinner 6:00 or 6:30, Lights-out 10:00
-Hotel details: Holiday Inn, Fresno Airport, 5090 E Clinton Way, Fresno CA 93727 

Sat, Nov 24th: State Championships! 
-Boys race 10:40 AM
-Girls race 12:15 PM 
-Everyone should be back home by 6:30-ish, depending on traffic

Sun, Nov 25th: Rest!

Any questions or need more information?   

-Coach Greg
cell: (707) 291-2967

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Results of Mile Time Trial - Nov 7

Sixty five of our runners decided to jump in on a post-season 1600m time trial yesterday.
Thirteen girls finished under 6 minutes, fourteen boys under 5!

Click here to see results.  Many personal bests were established!

Click here to see last year's time trial results.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More NBL Superlatives

A final wrap-up with a summary of some "under the radar" accomplishments from the NBL Meet.
  • By running 16:17 while winning the JV race, Colin Bartlett ran the fastest JV time at NBLs when run at Spring Lake  (previous best, 16:40 by Chris Bendana in 2005).  Spencer Jones (16:23) and Jordan Scobey (16:24) also ran faster than the previous best.
  • Allie Ahern's 19:55 effort in taking the Girls JV race was also the fastest JV time on record (previous best 20:21 by Jenna Lundgren in 2007).  Sam Perry ((19:56) and Abby Orgish (20:12) also finished under the previous standard.
  • Not surprisingly given the above, both JV teams put together the fastest JV team times ever recorded, and by very large margins.
    • Boys team time of 1:23:22 beat the previous best of 1:24:29 set by MCHS last year
    • The Girls' 1:40:45 crished their previous best of 1:44:16 set in 2009.
  • The JV Boys time would have placed them in a tie for 4th in the NBL Varsity race this year.
    • Combining SCL and NBL results, 29 boys from all schools ran 16:24 or faster - 10 of them were Pumas.
  • The JV Girls' time would have placed them 3rd in the NBL Varsity race this year, and 3rd among all Sonoma/Mendocino County high schools.  Only Casa Grande's varsity from other schools was faster this year.
    • Combining the 2012 SCL and NBL Meet results, a total of 46 girls from all schools ran faster than 21 minutes at Spring Lake - 18 of the 46 were from one school: yep, MCHS!  Next best was 7 by Casa Grande. 
    • Out of 20 total girls breaking 20 minutes, 8 were Pumas
  • MCHS girls have won the last 10 consecutive JV titles, and a Puma girl has taken first 9 out of the last 10 years.
    • Kayla Hordyk was winner in 2011!
  • MCHS boys have won the last 9 consecutive JV titles, and a Puma boy has taken 9 out of the last 10 JV titles.
    • Gus Murray was champ in 2011!
  • You can see more history by the Pumas at NBLs by clicking here.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

MCHS All-Time Spring Lake Lists Updated

Check out the updated all-time lists! 
See where you rank or start setting goals for next year!

Click Here to See the Lists

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fantastic Improvements at NBLs!

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"  - John Keats
These words came to mind as we looked at the results from yesterday's meet - that was certainly a thing of beauty. And it was truly a joy to see everyone's hard work paying off.  The coaches are very proud of your efforts!

Great job everyone for setting a high standard this year and consistently working toward it as a team!
It's a good time to remember that we are not any more talented than other teams.  Any sustained success we enjoy comes from consistent and focused work on improvement expended over a very long period of time.

So... here is the info everyone has been waiting for.  Who gets socks?  Well, lots of people, actually.

A Few Highlights -
  • 54 of our 73 runners that ran yesterday achieved lifetime PRs!  The average improvement was a little over 3%- this means the typical person was dropping about 40 seconds off their previous best time - wow!
  • It was great to see our novice runners succesfully complete the transition from a tentative "finisher" mentality to an aggresive and confident "racer" mentality -- welcome to the sport of cross country!
  • A few "milestone" improvements we'll call attention to
    • BOYS:
    • COMPLETELY SKIPPING THE "19's" - Quinn Gavin and Gabe Schoenbach came into the meet with PR's in the 20's - they decided they might as well just skip the 19s and get into the 18's as soon as possible - Gabe improved 6% and ran 18:53, Quinn improved 9% and ran 18:20!
    • BREAKING 18: David Eik, Lucas Azcarraga, Antoine Thibault, and Ean Franceschi made big steps forward with efforts dropping them from the 18's to the 17's.  16's are just around the corner now! 
    • BREAKING 17: Ryan Nguyen - achieves Varsity Letter!
    • BREAKING 16: Nick Jensen - he's a big boy now! his name goes on the board
    • GIRLS:
    • BREAKING THROUGH 22: Clara Daly, Ellie Petty, and Tessa Nicklas - WOOHOO!
    • BREAKING 21: Gracie Issel (!), Haleigh Frye, Allison Bartlett, and Emma Wright - each earns their Varsity Letter!
    • BREAKING 20: Sam Perry - nice!
    • BREAKING 19: Shaz Breedlove - your name goes on the big board!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumas Make it a Clean Sweep at NBLs!

Pumas swept all four divisions at NBLs today! We will be adding to this post through the evening.
Varsity Girls
  • Girls win their 10th consecutive NBL pennant!
  • Team led by fantastic PR 18:20 effort by Brynna Thigpen - closing over 150 yards in last mile to finish a close second.  Time is 33rd all-time, 9th fastest Puma girl ever!
  • Girls team time is 15th fastest ever at Spring Lake, 8th fastest ever MCHS team!
Varsity Boys
  • Dominating team effort!  Team time of 79:09 sets school record and is 6th fastest ever team all-time!
  • Huge PR for Ryan Anderson of 15:13 coming in 2nd - effort equals 10th fastest time ever! #2 ever at Maria Carrillo behind Steve Laurie (15:01 in 1998)
  • All 7 boys finish in top 13! 
JV Girls:
  • Set the tone for the entire afternoon by leading off with the the top 19 places in the first race (wow!)
  • Team time beat all the Girls Varsity teams except ours and Casa Grande's
  • Had 11 girls under 21:00 - only 17 varsity girls from all other NBL teams broke the 21:00 mark!
  • First two finishers - Allie Ahern and Sam Perry are the only two girls on record to ever break 20:00 in the JV race
  • Team took 10th consecutive title!
JV Boys:
  • Team time matched the 4th place team in the Varsity race
  • Led by fine time of 16:17 by Colin Bartlett
  • Jordan Scobey ran 8th fastest freshman time ever - 16:24
  • 9th consecutive NBL JV team title
  • 4 guys under 17:00, 10 guys under 18:00!
Videos of Races

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's Up This Week?

Monday Practice, 10/29:  CHANGE IN PLANS!
  • Will NOT be driving to the park!  Will be staying at the school.  If you were scheduled to drive, we no longer need drivers on this day! (Thank You and Apologies for the late notice)
  • Updated Monday Workout: Tempo Run on Track
    • 3:00 Practice = 20 min steady ST tempo on the track; EVERYONE EXCEPT top 11-12 runners as listed below
    • 6:00 Practice = 20 min ST > cut-down tempo on the track
      • Top 11 Boys:
      • Group #1) Ryan, Harrison
      • Group #2) Nick, Colin M, Zac, Alex, Colin B
      • Group #3) Dante, Spencer, Jordan, Michael
      • Top 12 Girls (Sophia M can’t make it):
      • Group #1) Andrea
      • Group #2) Brynna, Shaz, Cecelia, Shannon
      • Group #3) Shawn, Kelly, Sam, Allie, Abby, Claire, Carolina
NBL FINALS at Spring Lake, Friday, November 2
  • WHO: EVERYONE that is healthy and has meet the time standard will participate in this meet!
  • WHEN:
    • 2:00 pm; JV Girls (all girls EXCEPT the Varsity runners listed below)
    • 2:30 pm: JV Boys (all boys EXCEPT the Varsity runners listed below) 
    • 3:00 pm: Varsity Girls (Andrea, Brynna, Shaz, Shannon, Cecilia, Shawn, Kelly)
    • 3:30 pm; Varsity Boys (Ryan A, Harrison, Nick, Colin M, Alex M, Zac W, Dante)
    • Outright NBL titles in each division with a win.
    • Boys Varsity: going for their first NBL pennant since 2009 and 7th overall. Shooting for MCHS all-time team time of 79:47 (only 9 teams from any school have ever broken 80 minutes!)
    • Girls Varsity: going for their 10th consecutive NBL title, and 11th overall.
    • JV Girls - going for 10th consecutive team title. Trying to become the first JV team with a team time under 1:41 at Spring Lake. Trying to get 15 JV Girls or more under 22:00, 8 or more under 21:00, and 3 or more under 20:00.
    • JV Boys - going for their 9th consecutive NBL title.  Trying to get 4 JV boys or more under 16:40 and 11 under 18:00.
    • Final Opportunity this season for each runner to set a Spring Lake personal record and earn SOCKS!
    • Top 20 Varsity and top 10 JV in each race win individual awards.
  • Photos and Video from 10/24 Home Meet have been posted (click here)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wrap Up on the 10 Year NBL Streak - Some Details

Just a final few facts and observations regarding the girls' 10 year unbeaten streak in NBL regular season meets (spanning 2003-2012):
  • Number of NBL Meets: 40
  • Number of NBL Opponents: 70
  • Closest Meet: Oct 6, 2010 (MC 31, Santa Rosa 33) (see all the meets here)
  • Number of Perfect 15 scores: 10 (25% of the meets)
  • Number of Different Runners in Top Seven: 49 (see complete list here)
  • Most Appearances in Top Seven: Leanne Fogg and Kristin Sanzari (at least 14, maybe more)
Here are some other accomplishments during this ten year span:

  • North Bay League Team Champions - 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Individual NBL Champions – Kristen Sanzari, 2004; Jacqui Wentz, 2005; Leanne Fogg, 2006; Lauren Curtin, 2007
  • North Bay League JV Team Champions - 2003 through 2011
  • North Coast Section Team Champions – 2005, 2011 (Div 2); 2004, 2008, 2009 (Div 3); 2nd place in 2001, 2006, 2007
  • Individual NCS Champions – Jacqui Wentz, 2005; Lauren Curtin, 2007
  • California State Championships (Team) - 2nd Div II '04, 3rd III '06, 3rd III '08, 4th III '07, 7th II '05, 8th III '00, 12th II '11, 15th II '02, 15th II '03, 15th III '09.
  • 13 Redwood Empire First Team Selectees: Amy Robinson, Leanne Fogg***, Kristin Fladseth, Kristen Sanzari***, Jaquie Wentz**, Alia Gray**, Cara Curtin***, Lauren Curtin**, Jordan Davis, Kelly O'Leary, Lauren Kraus***, Brynna Thigpen**, Andrea Natoli ('***'=selected 3 times, '**'=selected 2 times)
Here is what else was going on way back in 2003:
•Lost in Translation
•Pirates of the Caribbean
•The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
•Finding Nemo
•Mystic River
•Cold Mountain
•Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
•Freaky Friday
•House of Sand and Fog
•Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Outkast
•Justified, Justin Timberlake
•Some Devil, Dave Matthews
•Dangerously in Love, BeyoncĂ©
•Elephant, The White Stripes
•The Wind, Warren Zevon
•On and On, Jack Johnson
•Hail to the Thief, Radiohead
•Greendale, Neil Young and Crazy Horse
•Room on Fire, The Strokes
•Living History, Hillary Rodham Clinton
•The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown
•Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, J. K. Rowling

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumas Complete Perfect NBL Regular Season - Oct 24

Pumas wrapped up perfect 7-0 records for Boys and Girls Varsity and JV teams with wins over Windsor and Cardinal Newman today at MCHS.  Thanks to the many family and friends that came out to support the team and to help organize the competition.

Special stuff:  today was the final home meet for 11 seniors that we recognized after the meet.  Also, the Girls Varsity team completed 10 consecutive years of undefeated NBL regular season meets.  Their record is 70-0 in NBL dual and tri meets going back to the beginning of the 2003 season.

Click Here for Complete Meet Results

Monday, October 22, 2012

Invitation for Post Season Awards Dinner - Dec 8

When: Saturday, December 8, 2012 - 6:00 till 8:30

Where: Maria Carrillo High School small gymnasium

Join the team for dinner, a lively slide show featuring season highlights and an awards presentation.

Cost per dinner is $10.00 (includes two types of pasta, salad and garlic bread.) Dinner will be catered by Sally Tomatoes.
*Boy Athletes are asked to please bring drink donations
*Girl Athletes are asked to please bring dessert donations

Please submit your reservation (click here for form) with payment to Kristina Gunderson at 2327 Rancho Cabeza Dr. 95404 no later than Tuesday, December 4th. For questions, please contact Kristina at or 695-6462.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

MCHS Campus Path Ready to Race!

Thanks to A LOT OF HELP from our athletes and parents this Saturday,we now have over 500 meters of smooth gravel path that LOOKS GREAT!

...Rain is in the forecast, but we'll be ready to host Windsor and Newman this Wednesday for our final 2012 NBL match-up AND an opportunity for the Girls Varsity to extend their undefeated league streak to 10 years, WOW!!  

Special thanks to our Volunteer TRACTOR GUY, Mr. John Osterloh! 

John is Greg's Neighbor across the street and loves supporting the MCHS Cross Country team, yell "THANKS JOHN" to him if you run by his house!

AWESOME PARENT VOLUNTEERS!   ...Most stayed from 8AM - 5PM (seriously hard work!)

Patrick Breedlove, Chris Hordyk, Vince Gearing,  Janene Gilmartin, Dermot Gilmartin, Steve Palladino, Salvador Avelar

 Many of our MCHS  XC ATHLETES showed up to help, too!       Kevin Moe, Morgan Schrijver, Jordan Scobey, Cecelia Avelar, Carolina Avelar, Andrea Natoli, Shaz Breedlove, Shannon Palladino, Clare Gilmartin, Ellie Petty

IMPORTANT: We need 2 more Parent Volunteers scheduled to help this Wednesday, 10/24:   PLEASE BE AT THE MCHS TRACK BY 3:00!   Easy duties, including helping with the finish chute and directing runners on the course.

Currently, we have 7 Parent Volunteers scheduled for this Wednesday and need just 2 more.    ...Please contact Greg if you can help. 

  1.  Katya Anderson
  2. Patrick Breedlove
  3. John Gavin
  4. Kristin Thigpen
  5. Steve Palladino
  6. Tracie Everest
  7. Carolyn Greco
  8. ??? ...know anyone that can help?
  9. ??? ...know anyone that can help? 


-Coach Greg
Cell: (707) 291-2967

Friday, October 19, 2012

Next Meet: NBL #4 v Cardinal Newman, Windsor - Oct 24

When the Streak was Young: photo dated Oct 12, 2005
(Meet #9 of 39 - v Ursuline & Elsie Allen)
From L to R: Jordan Davis, Sarah DiRado, Alicia Lueth,
Leanne Fogg, Alia Gray, Kristin Sanzari, Jacqui Wentz
For our next meet we run against Windsor and Cardinal Newman on Wednesday, October 24.  This meet will be different in that we will run it at our on-campus course (did you know we had on campus course?)
We have been doing work on our course to bring it up to standard.  Earlier this Fall, the path behind the baseball fields was nicely re-graded.  As Greg mentioned, this Saturday morning, Oct 20, we need volunteers to smooth out and pack road gravel.  This will make the course usable for racing and training for several years to come. 

This will be a special meet for the girls team: they will be attempting to complete a ten year string of undefeated NBL dual and tri meets. Their last loss was in 2002. (What were you doing in 2002?) Their record since is 39-0 in NBL regular season meets versus 68 opponents.

Current North Bay League Standings:

  1. Maria Carrillo 5-0
  2. Santa Rosa 5-1
  3. Casa Grande 3-2
  4. Ukiah 3-2
  5. Cardinal Newman 2-3
  6. Windsor 2-3
  7. Montgomery 1-5
  8. Rancho Cotate 0-5
  1. Maria Carrillo 5-0
  2. Casa Grande 4-1
  3. Montgomery 4-2
  4. Windsor 3-2
  5. Rancho Cotate 2-3
  6. Santa Rosa 2-4
  7. Cardinal Newman 1-4
  8. Ukiah 0-5
Finally, this is also a fun opportunity to invite friends to see a cross country race.  Plus there will be unusual surpises in store.  It's easy to find: we start and end at the south-east corner of the track!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

8 Volunteers needed 8AM-Noon this Saturday for MCHS path repairs!

What:  Help in repairing the path on our MCHS Campus XC Course. 

When:  This Saturday, 8AM - Noon

Who:  Anyone who is available to help ? 

     We need 8 Volunteers total as follows:
            2 Adults = Flag People for Delivery Trucks
            2 Kids or Adults for Hoses
            2 Kids or Adults for Raking
            2 Kids or Adults for Misc. Activities

We also need extra hoses, the longer the better!  

Please contact Greg if you can help, Thanks! 


Cell: (707) 291-2967

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumas Compete in the Heat! - Oct 17 NBL Meet

We decided to have a cross country race during Shannon's birthday party.

Pumas did a great job dealing with the warm weather and threw down some great efforts at Spring Lake today. 

Despite temperatures approaching 90 degrees at race time, several runners managed to set PRs (see report here).

We estimate that the heat slowed the pace about 30-40 secs versus the times which were run just last week in mild temperatures. When adjusted for the heat, there were many extraordinary performances, but one stood out:  Michael King dropped his PR by 32 seconds over last week - running a terrific 16:40!  Way to go!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christmas Tree Fundraiser -UPDATE

Reminder to everyone – start your sales now!!

…and turn in your forms & money (checks or cash) to Greg, Ruben, Sheryl, Jennifer (Nick’s mom) or Katya (Ryan’s mom) by each Friday. Oct 19th, Oct 26th, Nov 2nd, Nov 9th.

Sales and Receipt Form – have the person purchasing the tree, wreath, or garland complete the necessary ORDER information. (double check the math)

You fill out the RECEIPT Form and give to the purchasing person .. they will need to bring with them on Dec 1 to pick up their tree, wreath or garland.

Yes – there are several more weeks to sell – but remember, this is a MCHS Athletics wide fundraiser … you need to talk to your neighbors, family friends, etc. before athletes from other sports.

Upcoming team sales events …

OLIVERS – Sunday Oct 28th from 12PM to 2PM
Only have 2 volunteers so far … Kayla and Cecelia … NEED at least 4 more.

OLIVERS – Sunday Nov 4 from 12PM to 2PM
Only have 2 volunteers so far … Tessa & Allison … NEED at least 4 more.

Let Greg, Jennifer or Katya know that you can show up to Olivers and sell some trees!

Cancelling Oct 21st at Olivers as during warm weather people just aren’t thinking about Christmas trees.

Questions? Talk to Greg, Jennifer or Katya or email any of us.

Jennifer Jensen –
Katya Anderson -

Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Crystal Springs Stuff...

Could not have asked for a better day to have some
fun on the beach - unbelieveably beautiful weather!

Allie modeling her "top 15" Crystal Springs
tee-shirt - one of 17 won by the Pumas on the day!

Here are a few more post- Crystal Springs items:

Find more excellent photos here courtesy of Todd Vandenburg.

Runners that finished in top 15% of their class:
  • Freshman: Jordan Scobey (8th of 216 freshman boys);  Cecilia Avelar (5th of 130 9th grade girls). Allie Ahern (10th), Abby Orgish (11th), Castine Jaffe (15th) 
  • Sophomores: Zac West (25th of 246 soph boys), Ryan Nguyen (31st); Andrea Natioli (3rd of 146 10th grade girls), Shaz Breedlove (4th), Shannon Palladino (9th), Shawn Cichosz (13th), Sam Perry (18th)
  • Juniors:  Ryan Anderson (6th of 203 junior boys), Nick Jensen (9th), Spencer Jones (21st), Colin Bartlett (23rd), Michael King (29th); Kelly Fitzgerald (10th of 126 junior girls)
  • Seniors: Harrison Luft (11th of 195 senior boys), Colin Metcalfe (20th); Brynna Thigpen (7th of 110 senior girls)
Video of Varsity Boys Race (...Baby)

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